Bright Blue has an eye-catching blue dial with a blue hour and 18K white gold hours

Bright Blue has an eye-catching blue dial with a blue hour and 18K white gold hours

Now in the eyes of many fans watch, what is the first thing Omega mentioned? I think Zhang Ziyi should not endorsement or other, but its unique coaxial escapement. With the coaxial escapement, Omega also has a long and short game with Rolex brand. Previously, Rolex has always been synonymous with precision, in the production of watch brands no one can be compared with the same, Omega coaxial escapement with the system, the accuracy and Rolex has got the momentum. Today, watch home for everyone to recommend three models equipped with 8500 core Omega watch.

Omega HOUR VISION watch series 431. watch

Bright Blue has an eye-catching blue dial with a blue hour and 18K white gold imitation Cartier love bracelet, minutes and seconds. 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, wear-resistant sapphire crystal dial to provide comprehensive protection. Watch with a 41mm stainless steel case decorated with sapphire case, with a black leather strap. This eye-catching watch equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement, the movement of the movement through the transparent back clearly visible.

Omega AQUA TERRA 150 meters series watch

This classic and tough timepiece, celebrating the magnificent ocean legend Omega. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 meters “Captain” watch with a “teak concept” texture silver dial, 3 o’clock position with calendar window. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal for this unique dial to provide comprehensive protection. 41.5 mm stainless steel Replica Cartier jewelry case with bezel, with stainless steel bracelet. This certified astronomical observatory table equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement.

Omega Olympic Series watch series 522. watch

This section highlight the stylish style of the Omega Seamaster Universe 600 meters dive table is not only a tribute to the traditional Omega dive table, but also represents the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games tribute. This watch is equipped with abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, black dial with 3 o’clock position calendar window. 45.5 mm stainless steel case with black ceramic unidirectional rotating diving bezel with steel bracelet. The blue and red design elements on the diving bezel are striking, inspired by the flag of the Russian Federation. Omega Seamaster Marine Universe 600 meters waterproof watch 600 meters and has a row of helium valve. This watch models equipped with Omega 8500 coaxial movement, limited edition 2014.

Summary: Omega launched in 2007, 8500 coaxial movement, each of the 202 parts of the movement by Omega to the most advanced technology full research and manufacturing. For serial number production, the movement manufacturing process has been optimized. The timing performance of the Omega 8500 movement in the mechanical watch industry has attracted much attention. I always think coaxial escapement is the most important feature of Omega.

For some people, choosing a table is a particularly simple matter, and it’s only a matter of time before you fall in love; but for most people, selecting a table is a tangle of things, not just the brand, the features, the style, the movement , There are many things that may not be expected before buying a watch, discounts, getting started, whether stock is available, and more. For men, really need at least two tables, a dress table, a sports table. For the summer wear feel, comfort is the first one, below the watch home to bring you several comfortable to wear watches, different price to meet your different needs.

Bulgari brand of classic LOGO nuances highlight the brand watch intentions

Bulgari brand of classic LOGO nuances highlight the brand watch intentions

Serpentine design is BVLGARI symbol of enduring symbolism, Serpenti series has always been in a unique gesture of originality, but also by many celebrities and royalty of the Royal family’s favor. Since its debut in the 1940s, the first Serpenti watch has won the spotlight for its unique source of inspiration and design, and many years after BVLGARI has been reinventing Serpenti’s personality style and inheriting the fundamentals of the prototype Above, add unlimited modern elements.

At the 2015 Basel Watch & Jewelery Fair, the Bulgari Serpenti collection of jewelery watches once again became the focus of attention with the launch of a sleek snake-shaped watch, all made of precious metal with beautiful diamonds. Today, the editor to introduce you to this watch is the watch with 18K rose gold imitation Cartier love bracelet, black lacquered dial flawless diamond, unique and luxurious.

Before you know this watch, edit a simple story for everyone to share a snake-shaped decoration:

As early as ancient civilizations, Egypt Cleopatra Cleopatra called the most closely linked with the snake totem monarch. Because of the affair with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the fate of the goddess of the world is closely intertwined with the ancient Roman Empire. 46 BC, Cleopatra first came to the Roman Empire, winding on the arm of the snake gold bracelet highlights her mystery and sexy, cheering crowd all for her peerless beauty and dumping. Just two millennia later, in the 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor commissioned her beloved jeweler, BVLGARI Bvlgari, at 10 ContiTro, Rome, to tailor her a Serpenti bangle bracelet. She wore this bracelet in the movie “Cleopatra” in the identity of the Queen of the Nile, stunning appearance, showing off the beings of the deceased life. This shows Bvlgari Serpenti snake watch undeniable aristocratic status and its unique meaning.

Bvlgari Serpenti series of jewelry watches using winding serpentine design, showing the essence of brand watchmaking, that is, never diminishing the enthusiasm of the color, the perfect control of the material, fitting the perfect fit of the wrist curve, and Avant-garde bold superb technology.

The new Serpenti series of watches to head and tail linked to show, this Replica Cartier jewelry new design makes Ling snake shape more unique, lifelike, each section of the fine polished rose gold chain are watchmaking division cleverly linked together, like a variety of snake bone , And mosaic flawless diamonds. These glittering diamonds are all hand-cut and set inlaid to complement the craftsmanship of the traditional Serpenti collection.

Made from rose gold, this Serpenti Collection (model 102344 SPP26BGD1GD1) features a curved 26 mm case with 6 brilliant cut diamonds on both sides at a total weight of 0.46 ct. A rose gold single-bezel bracelet , Inlaid with 96 bright cut diamonds (2.01 carats), show luxurious elegance. While the bracelet part of the watch for the first time to abandon the traditional internal spring, which makes the watch more flexible and flexible, to meet the daily needs. Bracelet opening and closing with a double pressure button to ensure that the safety without losing the elegant style, free to adjust the length of the bracelet for the wearer to bring the ultimate comfort experience, highlighting the infinite creative design Bvlgari.

Black lacquered dial decorated with 33 bright diamond cut diamond time scale (0.054 kt), according to the shape of the first snake head arranged in different shapes, luxury charm. At the same time with two rose gold leaf-shaped pointer, with the passage of time slowly sliding, at 6 o’clock above Bulgari brand of classic LOGO, nuances highlight the brand watch intentions.

Watch bracelet and curved case on the side and back are used sophisticated hollow design, light can be maximum penetration into them, making the diamond mounted on the watch above the blooming brilliance of brilliance. Watches with Bulgari custom built Caliber B033 quartz movement.

In summary, ancient civilizations have all kinds of legends about snakes, such as the ancient Aztecs and Egypt, where people believe that the ever-peeling nature of the snake symbolizes reproduction, rebirth, resurrection and immortality. In Egyptian mythology, With reproductive goddess Isis is through the help of snakes to obtain the healing power. The famous watch brand Bvlgari is good at discovering the natural charm, with snakes as a source of inspiration for the watch, to create a winding gentler gesture jewelry watch, the unique shape is not only an ancient symbol, but also Bulgari innovation and technology The perfect show.

narrow case border for the dial provides a wide preview space

narrow case border for the dial provides a wide preview space

Fashion, has never been a specific area of gender, women can dress themselves with diamond jewelry, which lead the fashion trend. Although men less touch diamond jewelry, but this does not mean that men and fashion isolated. Luxury fashion brand in the female user dress up at the same time, also for men to take into account. Today for everyone to recommend three men’s watch from the fashion brand, I hope you can like.

Hermes DRESSAGE series DR5.910.330 / MNO watch

The watch has a table diameter of 40.5 * 38.4 mm, and the case is made of stainless steel. The shape of the case is similar to that of a barrel-shaped, round black dial using Arabic numerals as a time scale and three o’clock There is a small seconds, six o’clock direction with a date display window and twelve hours of time disk, nine o’clock direction is 30 minutes time disk. Located in the watch on the right side of the crown using a larger pitch gear, up and down with a timing button. Equipped with model H1925 movement, movement diameter of 26 mm, thickness of 3.7 mm, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, the use of 46 stones. Black imitation Cartier love bracelet crocodile leather strap with stainless steel material folding buckle, so that the installation of safe and comfortable.

Dior CHIFFRE ROUGE series CD084860A001 watch

This watch table diameter of 38 mm, case using 18K white gold as a material, crown and timing buttons are designed on the right side of the case. White dial on the use of short marks as a time scale, dial three o’clock direction with thirty minutes chronograph, four to five o’clock direction is the date display window, six o’clock direction is twelve hours chronograph, Clock direction is small seconds. Equipped with the model Irréductible Caliber movement, specially designed by Zenith for Dior, using 31 gems, a total of 278 parts, 31,600 times per hour oscillation. Strap material for the crocodile skin, black strap with pin buckle. Provide 50 meters of water depth.

Louis Vuitton diving series Q102J0 watch

The watch table diameter of 45.5 mm, the case using the material for the 18K white gold, narrow case border for the dial provides a wide preview space. Dial is the use of the Navy blue sapphire crystal production, twelve o’clock direction with thirty minutes of time disk, there are five minutes of red scale, six o’clock is twelve hours timer plate. It is worth mentioning that the twelve o’clock direction also has a window for displaying the timed state or the sailing game status. Equipped with LV156 automatic chronograph movement, 28,800 times per hour oscillation, providing 48 hours of power storage. Blue crocodile leather strap. Bottom back cover design, providing 100 meters of water depth.

Summary: three watches were from the fashion luxury brands Hermes, Dior and Louis Vuitton, the overall gives the masculine yet fashion sense. In the promotion of the current fast-paced movement of life, to have a chronograph watch, hoping to make you more fashion when the fashion charm.

On the stage, the Limelight series became the lead. If the watch is described as a film, Limelight watch is in the camera flash under the starry stars, attracting everyone’s attention. Limelight series adhering to the first batch of Piaget jewelry watch style, innovative style is still shining Replica Cartier jewelry bright dazzling gorgeous light, like an embark on a red carpet invitation. Watch to gold and precious stones show a bright beauty, and its perfect shape and the most noble high fashion coincide. Whether bracelet table, mysterious watch or jewelry watch, each style is exciting. Today, the watch home for you to recommend three Limelight series of classic.

Earl GALA Series G0A40160 watch

Limelight Gala watch, 32 mm in diameter. 18K rose gold case, inlaid 62 round diamonds (about 1.75 karats). Natural black opal dial, showing red and blue luster. One round round diamonds (about 0.01 karats). Carrying the Earl 690P quartz movement. Limited issue of 18, each with a separate number.

Earl GALA series G0A38160 watch

Limelight Gala watch, with 32 mm 18K white gold case, and set with 62 round diamonds, also continued the Limelight series consistent style. Satin made of strap, to ensure that the watch wear comfortable. Carrying the Earl 690P quartz movement, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the watch.

Earl LIMELIGHT MAGIC HOUR series G0A32096 watch

Limelight Magic Hour watch, size 40 x 31 mm. 18K rose gold rotating case, lined with 36 round diamonds (about 1.1 karats). Dial with 20 round diamonds (about 0.03 karats), with 18K rose gold standard. Perfect lady will show the noble temperament out. Carrying the count 56P quartz movement. The biggest feature of this watch is to allow the wearer to adjust their appearance can be rotated oval-shaped table mirror, round dial, you can present three different styles of decoration. A magic watch from, embodies the unique creativity and craftsmanship.

Summary: Since the birth of 1874, the count has been adhering to the “never do better than the requirements of the” brand spirit, the superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity into each piece of work, while giving priority to the development of creativity and the pursuit of detail, the wrist Table and jewelry technology completely integrated together. Today, these three Limelight series of watches will be the perfect embodiment of these features.

As a profound cultural heritage of the brand Montblanc watch in the design

As a profound cultural heritage of the brand Montblanc watch in the design

As a profound cultural heritage of the brand, Montblanc watch in the design has always been subtle elegance, highlight the taste, a unique style. In 2015 the new launch of the Bao Xi Yuanyuan series rose gold watch adhering to the classic design style of Montblanc, unique beauty from the details of the ingenuity. In addition to this series of classic moon phase display, the new Po Xi Yuanyuan series is a major highlight of the top left of the dial crescent moon window display function. Here we are close to see the new Bao Xi Yuanyuan series rose gold watch Zoran style.

In 2015 the new launch of the Bao Xi Yuanyuan series rose gold watch adhering to the classic imitation Cartier love bracelet design style of Montblanc, the appearance of simple lines, Zhuo face slightly curved ears, 36 mm diameter case size for women just right, Dial on the body of the Arabic numerals when the standard with a sense of fashion design and artistic atmosphere. Rose gold case and pointer with the dial outer edge of the date display logo to keep the color on the same, with a touch of retro charm.

Montblanc Baoxi Yuanyuan watch the details of the ears

Montblanc Baoxi Yuyue watch the design of the ear is very three-dimensional, angular

Montblanc Baoxi Yuanyuan series watch the crown details

Montblanc Baoxi Yuanyuan series of watch crown by Zhuo surface treatment, and engraved with Montblanc brand iconic hexagonal star, inlaid patented diamonds.

Montblanc Baoxi Yuetuan watch strap and clasp

In addition to the black leather strap, but also with a replaceable two-color leather strap, dark brown hit khaki, clasp material for the same 18K rose gold button buckle.

Dial details and function display

Bao Xi Yuanyuan series rose gold watch case diameter 36 mm, thickness 10.47 mm. Bezel set with 78 top Wesselton diamonds. The outermost edge of the dial for the date display, the middle of the dial with a silver-white carved carved, when the pointer for the 18K rose gold leaf pointer, the date pointer for the crescent with crescent-shaped Barton pointer. 6 o’clock for the moon phase display, umbrella window for the blue sky pattern.

Bao Xi Yuanyuan series of watches crescent moon month display window

Bao Xi Yuanyuan series of watches crescent moon window for the new watch a major bright Replica Cartier jewelry spot, 12 full moon name will change with the four seasons change in the window. More curious is that Montblanc’s design master also specifically for the 12 months to do the poetic name, from January to December were: Ice cream month, Snow snow months, Chaste million, Seed bud, Bright Red Rose Month, Rose Rose Month, Red Rose Day, Fruit Fruit Month, Harvest Harvest Month, Hunter Orion Month and Oak Oak Month. This is a strong Chinese culture with the naming of art, no doubt increased Po-yue on the garden watch the beauty of poetry.

Bao Xi moon garden watch movement

Through the Bao Xi Yuanyuan watch transparent table back, you can see the automatic winding of the MB 29.17 mechanical movement and flat ring Tuo Tuo. The movement can provide watch for about 42 hours of power storage. Waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Summary: Baoxi Yuanyuan series of new watches are not in the details of the Montblanc style and charm, the overall style without publicity, but everywhere are designed and chic, elegant and subtle beauty of the release of rich content from China Literary atmosphere. Is a literary, intellectual, taste of women to accompany peace of mind.

Breguet’s Tradition handed down series of watches, unique eccentric small dial design style, classical elegance. Its unique inspiration comes from Mr. Louis Breguet’s Subscription table, which is ideal for men’s dress. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Breguet handed down the series of men’s watch.

At the 2011 Basel Watch Fair, Breguet launched the 7057 rose gold watch, the use of smoke gray NAC decorative movement, beautiful smoke gray NAC movement surface decoration is formed by plating a smoke gray platinum group Precious metal alloy precipitated.

Case diameter 40 mm
This gray NAC decorative movement watch, watch case to 18k rose to create, the case diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 11.65 mm, the details of the case continued Breguet customary style. The front panel of the dial is hidden beneath the bottom of the dial, gears, gears, escapement, barrel and other parts of the movement clearly exposed, to the Subscription single-pin pocket watch mechanical design tribute.

Rose gold gear crown
Rose gold gear crown shape simple and elegant, polished polished crown top embossed Breguet brand Logo, elegant and beautiful and distinguished brand identity.

Black crocodile leather strap
Black crocodile leather strap, tidy and beautiful texture and the use of black suture, fine workmanship. Rose gold button buckle instead of folding buckle, so wear more convenient and easy to fall off.

Side of the coin pattern modification
Slim case side using Breguet consistent and classic coin pattern modification, fully demonstrated the brand in the details of the style of the watch grasp. The curved bezel is polished and polished, with golden luster and elegance.

Welded fillet
Breguet is a classical style of welded rounded corners, small and exquisite, comfortable to wear, with a bolt to fix the strap, even retro color.

Black gold dial is located at 12 o’clock position

The classic design of the handed down series is that the active transmission system, which is usually hidden beneath the splint, is completely exposed, and the bridge, the barrel, the transmission gear, the escapement and other movement parts are displayed directly on the dial, making the secret of the precision machinery Unreservedly present in sight. This section is clearly visible in the central position of the watch barrel, 4-point balance wheel in the symmetrical bridge support with full of vitality of the rhythm, 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock position, transmission wheel system slowly and regularly turn slowly.

Eccentric black gold dial is located at 12 o’clock position, with hand engraved pattern. With independent number and Breguet signature, Roman numerals and minutes circle with needle tip hollowed out Breguet polished steel pointer. 10 o’clock position of the power reserve display slot, providing 50 hours of power reserve, read at a glance.

Cal.507DR1 manual winding movement
Bottom cover with the whole sapphire crystal glass to create, beautiful movement at a glance. Equipped with Breguet Cal.507DR1 manual winding movement, 14½ points design, 34 gems pumping, with fine-tuning screw device, using Breguet gorgeous hair, vibration per hour 21,600 times, after the full chain can provide 50 hours power reserve.

Summary: As the high popularity of Breguet series, Tradition handed down the series of watches Breguet unique style and new skills, its heritage Breguet classic details of the design and positive movement of the movement are so many friends were fascinated, The overall appearance as an old pocket watch worn in the wrist, exquisite beauty, but also the taste of the wearer revealed.

The original US-resistant movement factory

The original US-resistant movement factory

Not long ago (October 20), Richemont brand Montblanc (Montblanc) grand release of a new series – 1858 Collection, which is the brand for the continuation of 1858 to create the United States and China (Minerva) movement factory advanced tabulation Traditional and specially set up the second series, from which you can see is that Montblanc for the watchmaking of the traditional value and the United States and China for the brand in terms of pivotal position.

Montblanc 1858 series watches (in fact there are steel models version)

Since 2006, the United States and China since the warlord possession imitation Cartier love bracelet of Montblanc, Montblanc’s high-level tabulation of the road has finally had a solid backing, but also greatly enhance the Montblanc’s “rivers and lakes” status. But it is surprising that Montblanc has already passed the excellent watchmaking process and tradition for the transmission of the US-resistant fleet, and has recently released the Villeret series (interestingly, the original name for Villeret 1858, then changed), why But also in a similar direction to set up a new series?

Respect the historical heritage

Montblanc Lokker Table Factory

Montblanc has a total of two watch factory, one in the force of Locke, one is located in the town of Valeret Valley town of the United States and China-resistant movement plant (Note: Since the movement into the Montblanc plant has been renamed Villeret movement, To the United States and China resistance factory called). The Villeret movement is mainly engaged in high-level movement and into a table of R & D and production, of course, the company is mainly engaged in the production of watches and components, The company also develops and produces high-level complex movement, such as Montblanc’s Nicholas Kay series watch, but the main force responsible for advanced movement research and development is still Villeret movement factory, and this is Montblanc “rivers and lakes” status of the key to continuous improvement Where. From this point of view, Montblanc special set up heritage of the United States and China-resistant watch factory watch and sophisticated technology series, it is necessary.
The original US-resistant movement factory

As we all know, the United States Naihua movement factory was established in 1858, but changed its name to Miverva (ancient Greek mythology in the wisdom of the goddess Athena’s name) is in 1929, the middle experienced many names change. In 1902, the watch factory began to involve the table design and the production of most key components, 1909 released the first watch, so the United States and China is not really a simple movement plant. And let the United States and China fame, is the 1923 watch factory released No. 20 mechanical chronograph movement, this movement with a column wheel timing structure, its performance has been greatly recognized, since the watch factory began to prestigious Far Yang, 1936 became the official Olympic Games designated time meter. In the subsequent historical trend, the United States and China-resistant movement favored, including Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe and other well-known first-line brand, and some now no longer exist in the brand. So, whenever it comes to the United States and China, we can not help but think of its timing movement, it is not surprising.
Panerai used the US-resistant chronograph movement
Continuation of aesthetic standards

Of course, the United States and China feel so popular, naturally there are reasons, simply from the movement itself point of view, there are two reasons: good structure, good technology. From the auction market, there are many loaded with the United States and China fashion Replica Cartier jewelry movement of the antique watch, we can find a lot of trace. The United States Yihua manual chronograph structure of the full sense of hierarchy, plywood and putter and other components with a wealth of lines, the whole movement is not a block of large splint block movement of the beauty, in addition, the timing control, smooth and accurate , Even today many brands of their own research and development of the movement, whether it is beauty or structure, can not be compared with. This is why, equipped with NOS (New Old Stock) US-resistant watch movement of the watch, will be so hot, good taste of the antique table is one of the reasons. In the process, the United States and China-resistant movement pay attention to uncompromising attention to these beautiful arcs, not the lathe was able to do it at once, many have to be time-consuming and laborious manual grinding in order to achieve the ideal curvature, This is not only it is like, it is the important reason for respect and collection.

Manual adjustment of gossamer
Villeret movement factory watchmaker

The United States and China movement in the income of Li-feng group capsule, the group under the brand have the opportunity to fight for this plant into its own, after some competition, and ultimately fell into the hands of Montblanc, the fact that this initiative The great success. Today, the United States and China feel the factory still maintain the original excellent watchmaking tradition, watch factory only a small number of CNC machine tools for stamping parts prototype, after the main process is still done by hand, for example, gossam only by the mechanical Operation control to the correct size of 85%, the remaining 15% by hand, the end of the curve by the watchmaker by hand to complete, so it can do mechanical processing can not do the details of the deal, to achieve a high degree of quality and aesthetic balance The Each year, the factory watch production is only a few hundred (in 2009 only 250), each one for the master of the masterpiece of skills, but also let us have the opportunity to once again enjoy the essence of the United States and China machinery.

Montblanc 1858 single-button time watch
As stated in the opening, the United States and China across the 157 years of tabulation essence, in fact, Villeret series has been the perfect embodiment, then the new 1858 series, but also in what? In fact, the Villeret series of focus, not to show the United States and China (Villeret movement plant) a sense of history, it is more emphasis on the different time and outstanding mechanical achievements, and 1858 series, it is to reproduce the classic Style, in addition to heritage of the United States and China superb superb watchmaking skills, the design has focused on, to give consumers a more stylish classic time experience. The new 1815 series of four timepieces, all using the 1930s pilots table eye-catching design, large Arabic numerals, snake pointers, luminous cover, modern and classic, perhaps this is its intention.

Rolls automatic watch right Harwood automatic watch

Rolls automatic watch right Harwood automatic watch

Rolls automatic watch right: Harwood automatic watch
In 1933, Betty Fiechter, who had long been familiar with the Blancpain watchmaking and sales business, and André Leal, the sales manager of Blancpain, took over Frédéric-Emile (only daughter Nellie, who was based on local law and her daughter’s desire to make watches and clocks) Blancpain, since then, nearly 200 years of the end of the family management of the Blancpain family, into the family after the operation period, the company changed its name to Rayville-Blancpain (because there is no Blancpain family who continue to charge the company, according to the then Swiss Legal company name must be changed). Rayville is the name of the Swiss Villeret village in Native English, which is designed to make it easier for Blancpain to promote to the US market.

Blues with Rayville logo
In 1950, Betty’s nephew Jean-Jacques Fiechter entered the company, which greatly imitation Cartier love bracelet promoted the development of the Blancpain modern watchmaking business. In 1953, Jean-Jacques and the French diving forces worked together to design and produce the world’s first diving watch five The United States and the United States is the length of the unit, a about 1.8288 meters, 50 噚 is about 91 meters, but also the French diving force equipment can reach the highest dive depth. In 1956, Blancpain first world’s smallest circular mechanical movement, and mounted in the famous ladies watch Ladybird watch. By 1959, under the impetus of the Fiechter family, the annual production of the Blancpain watch reached 100,000.

1953 first generation 50
With the growing Blancpain, the company needs more and more resources to support the development of the business, Betty decided to join the Blancpain at the time with the watchmaking company SSIH, SSIH at this time have Omega, Tissot and Lemania, Po After the acquisition of the Group’s resources, the annual production of watches in 1971 reached 220,000. At the same time, Jean-Jacques took over Blancpain. Unfortunately, the successive crises of the 1970s, the oil crisis and the Great Depression, let SSIH unsustainable, want to sell assets, Lemania was first sold, followed by Blancpain’s name (sold to its cooperation Frédéric Piguet, whose assets include movement development and assembly workshops are still in operation), the Frédéric Piguet movement was then run by Jacques Piguet and Jean-Claude Biver, and after taking over Blancpain, Jacques Piguet and Jean-Claude Biver began The Blizzard to reposition, the annual production of only a very small number of watches, each watch the top of the assembly movement, no doubt, with the SSIH and ASUAG merged into SMH, this approach to the Blancpain from bankruptcy Came out and went to a broad road.

Innovation is tradition

Blancpain X
Throughout the Blancpain watchmaking process, the spirit of innovation throughout, both in tabulation technology, mechanical structure, business exploration, brand cooperation, etc., Blancpain has always maintained a breakthrough in the traditional family gene. In 1983, Blancpain launched the moon phase watch, since the moon phase as an important part of the Blancpain watch, and has continued until the moon phase and advanced combination of complex features to bring Blancpain new time interpretation.

Blossom moon movement
Blancpain 1735 watch
In 1987, Blancpain will pocket watch the complex function of three asked into the narrow Replica Cartier jewelry watch space, since then, advanced complex features become a major feature of Blancpain watch. In 1988, Blancpain introduced double chronograph chronograph, 1989 Bao Po Wan calendar and flying tourbillon watch available in 1991 launched a comprehensive complex of six complex features 1735, released in 2004 when the real watch, 2008 one minute card Russell watch debut Basel, 2009 500 噚 GMT watch release, launched in 2012 for the Chinese market, the Chinese perpetual calendar watch, in the whole process, long power as a hidden function has been deep Blancpain Precision The timepiece, and the legend is still continuing …

Blancpain and food

Blancpain and diving

Blancpain and speed movement
Not only that, as a high-end timepieces brand, Blancpain and a number of areas to carry out cross-border cooperation, quality of life, speed sports, diving is its three core direction, passing Blancpain for the pursuit of quality of life, and create accurate, The determination of. After two years of vicissitudes, Blancpain has long been a rich historical and cultural treasures, in recent years, Blancpain pioneered the introduction of the concept of cultural ambassadors, time, time and culture are closely linked, and constantly dig treasure Cyprus 280 years as well as the development of the world chronometer in the process of cultural essence, to show the deep connotation of precision timepieces.

Blancpain enamel craft watch
Set of Damascus inlaid gold, red copper, gold carving in one of the head of God watch
Precision technology outstanding results, leading Blancpain in the advanced tabulation on the road through the clutter, won several international awards, and complement each other into the Metier d’art Art Gallery, Blancpain was inserted for the flying wings, Jin Art hall. The boldness of the magnificent enamel, sparkling gem inlaid, the ancient heritage of the red copper, imposing Damascus inlaid gold, etc., Blancpain in the abide by the exquisite traditional arts and crafts, but also continue to explore Different culture among the essence of skills, integration of the classic cultural background, showing the time can also include all the minds of the mind, and loyal to the human spirit of the feelings. And this will constitute a long history of Blancpain’s innovative tradition, will also become the source of tomorrow Blancpain’s innovative spirit.

This table for the sailing regatta water sports and health

This table for the sailing regatta water sports and health

Kunlun is a very long history, but the development of very fast brand, since 1960 launched the Admiral Cup series, has been the classic style of the Kunlun watch sports watch, half a century shoulders the brand on the maritime sector The contribution. Now, with this classic shape developed today’s “Admiral Cup” series, this time we take the 895.931.95 / 0371 AN12 watch as the representative, once again feel this fight for the storms of the watch series Style.

This Kunlun 895.931.95 / 0371 AN12 watch is a men’s automatic mechanical watch, this table size larger, the diameter of 48 mm case thickness of 17.3 mm, suitable for wrist thick people wear. Its shape follows the “Admiral Cup” series of 12-sided design, the case to titanium imitation Cartier love bracelet alloy material to create, dial decorated with twelve voyage flag pattern, the table is more engraved by the Admiral Cup trophy Embossed, matched with the main body of the dark color, showing a stylish sports style and male tough temperament.

For the fighting wind and waves born Kunlun Admiral cup watch appreciation
Dial on the red and white pointer in the dark dial is very conspicuous, for the watch to add some bright elements, coupled with a black rubber strap foil, the watch to show their own unique beauty.

This table for the sailing regatta water sports and health, then its waterproof function is essential, this table has a 100-depth waterproof, some shoal diving has no problem, can be a good adaptation to the needs of sailing The It is a sailing event with the table in terms of positioning, its function is very good with the match.

This Kunlun 895.931.95 / 0371 AN12 watch equipped with the movement for the CO895, which is a self-produced by the Kunlun automatic mechanical movement, the movement of the table diameter of 29.89 mm. The internal mosaic of 40 gemstones, for the operation of the watch to provide lubrication, reducing the wear and tear of the watch to extend the life of the watch. Its oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, the watch can be affected by the external environment to a very low, so that it has excellent stability when walking. In addition, this table can also provide 42 hours of power reserve display, great adapt to the modern living habits, so that the weekend does not love representatives of friends can not worry about love table exhausted.
This Kunlun 895.931.95 / 0371 AN12 watch in addition to domineering unique appearance, it is in the functional design is also very good. Its special function is not much, only a simple timing function, the timing of the function from 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock position of the 30 minutes chronograph, 8 hours chronograph and the central red chronograph second hand to achieve. This timing function is both well-read and adaptable to the chronograph demand, making it a higher fit with sailing.

Summary: Kunlun 895.931.95 / 0371 AN12 watch, this as a sailing for the Health of the Admiral Cup series of outstanding representatives, in appearance on the use of the series of representative design, and its own unique dark appearance , Highlighting a domineering male style. And the bright colors of the pointer contrast show the beauty, but also gave us a strong visual impact. The performance of this watch is also very good, designed for the yacht chronograph function, excellent waterproof function, so that it can in many cases to help us. And it has the performance of self-produced movement CO895 support, I believe there will be excellent performance, in short, this is a very good quality of the excellent watch.
Kunlun was founded in 1955, although the creation time is not long, but soon grew to be recognized as the world’s leading watch manufacturers. While the Kunlun Admiral Cup series, it is one of the Kunlun signs series. In 1956, the Royal Ocean Competition Club held the Admiral Cup Regatta, and became the world’s most outstanding sailing competition, Kunlun to commemorate the event, in particular, launched a square watch, after the case after the re- Design, the use of twelve-sided case and the design of the international voyage flag, the Admiral Cup series of watches to shape. Today, together to enjoy the Admiral Cup series in the 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch.

This Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch is a men’s automatic mechanical Replica Cartier jewelry watch, this table is absolutely considered a big guy, it is 50 meters in diameter table. Coupled with the rose gold material, and the unique shape of the design of the twelve-fold, this table is not the average person can control, but if you are a mature enough mature wrist, then it will be on your wrist Showing unspeakable domineering. Black dial design and gentle rose gold color is also very comfortable, black represents the man’s calm, and golden red as the glory of the years have gone.

Mature men choose Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch
The appearance of this watch design is very unique, in addition to the Navy Admiral Cup series of unique 12-sided case, it’s the crown is also broken on the left side of the case, the watch unique personality. It dial on the 12 scale when the standard is also extraordinary, the 12 times the standard are 12 sea flag pattern, showing the significance of this series lies. And in the table on the bottom cover is also engraved by the Admiral cup holder relief, in highlighting its historical significance, but also with its name echo, in short, 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 design is quite good.
Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch not only has a superior and unique personality appearance, but also has a good functionality. In this table dial 6 o’clock position with a large calendar window, used to display the date of the date information, calendar window to black on the white Arabic numerals display information, let us look very clear.
This table also has a chronograph function, similar to the general chronograph watch, this table is also displayed by the central clock, the central minute hand and small seconds to achieve the common dial, so that the normal operation of the usual wrist Table save the power. More importantly, its central second hand has also been liberated for the watch’s timing function, it and 30 minutes chronograph, 12-hour chronograph with the watch to achieve the timing function, but also make us easy to read, the central The second hand allows us to clear the timing information.

Mature men choose Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch
Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 is an automatic mechanical watch, it is equipped with the movement of its own production of automatic mechanical movement CO753, the movement of the diameter of 29.89 mm, relative to its large Head, the size of the movement be too small. This movement has 28800 times the oscillation frequency, the oscillation frequency can support its good performance, so watch the watch has excellent stability. 27 gemstone bearing applications, both to reduce the friction between the running gear, extending the life of the watch, but also the appearance of the movement looks more beautiful. In addition, this movement can also provide 48 hours of power reserve, which is modern people’s schedule is very consistent, can be perfectly adapted to people’s pace of life, for the weekend do not love representatives of friends to provide convenience.
Summary: functional aspects can not be said to be very powerful, but the timing function and date display function can provide us with good help in life, and Kunlun’s self-produced movement is the excellent performance of this table strong support. In summary, this table, whether it is the appearance of the function or the inherent performance of the movement, have a good performance, I believe it will be a mature man’s wrist to share.

the status of independence allows us to control our own destiny and always focus on our long-term goals

the status of independence allows us to control our own destiny and always focus on our long-term goals

Duffy in the eyes of the connoisseurs unparalleled reputation and status, not only from our exquisite perfect timepieces and rich watchmaking knowledge and technology. Our indisputable extraordinary position also comes from the company has always been adhering to the 1839 since the creation of the excellent watchmaking concept. This spirit has long been integrated into our top ten values, as a symbol of Patek Philippe supreme quality, with our masterpieces of the same time from generation to generation,
Patek Philippe is the oldest independent family watchmaking company in Geneva, and the status of independence allows us to control our own destiny and always focus on our long-term goals. The company has a completely free creative space, which helps us according to their own quality Cartier love bracelet replica standards independent research and development manufacturing watch movement, while ensuring that we manufacture the watch in all aspects reflect our pursuit of excellence. Independence is the core concept of Patek Philippe spirit, to ensure that our products adhering to the traditional, reliable, trustworthy.
Respect the tradition
Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, our history has long been an important part of Geneva’s long and glorious tabulation tradition. This is a section of the unique heritage of the brand story, the integration of our rich experience in tabulation, sophisticated genius design and hot work enthusiasm to ensure that these principles and principles of technology and prosperity, carry forward. Today, our watchmakers still adhering to the long tradition of craft, day after day, adhere to the ancient superb skills, precise sharp eyes and smart keen touch, laid a high-grade watchmaking art respected outstanding status. They inherited these generations of the skills and the most advanced processing technology to achieve a perfect communion.
Innovation creation
We cherish the tradition, while looking at the future, so Patek Philippe with its innovative research and development in the field of outstanding achievements, and constantly promote the watchmaking art to a new peak. More than 80 patents we have submitted have fully demonstrated our superior position as a pioneer in industry innovation, and its twenty inventions are of vital importance to the history of watches and clocks. We Qingli create the Patek Philippe mark the same purpose to keep pace with the times. This quality standard covers the future of the watchmaking industry and the future development of technology, which is committed to improving the mechanical function of the timepiece, long-term stability and accurate travel time.
Quality craftsmanship
Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe founded Patek Philippe at the beginning, with the same Cartier love ring replica goal: determined to develop, to create the world’s best timepieces works. Today, “excellent quality” and “superb craft” is still Patek Philippe production standards strictly adhere to the guidelines. Whether it is movement or external components, whether it is technical or aesthetic factors, whether it is every function or travel time accuracy, Patek Philippe’s current president Terry Sten and his father, Patek Philippe honor president Philip Sideng, will This is called the supreme quality standard Patek Philippe mark the ultimate guardian.
Precious and rare
Patek Philippe’s timepieces are all precious rare masterpieces. At present, we regularly produce more than 200 watches, are a small amount of production, ranging from dozens of pieces, at best, but hundreds of pieces, equipped with our own R & D and manufacturing movement. From the design concept to the mechanical device, these timepieces in the world around the watch enthusiasts have a very special status. During the various stages of the development process and the manufacture and decoration of the watch for several months, Patek Philippe have adopted a very strict quality standards to ensure that every Patek Philippe watch has become a rare rare masterpiece, by the connoisseurs Favored.
Lasting value
As embodied in the extraordinary professional watchmaking knowledge and technology, a Patek Philippe watch although expensive, but even if used for many years, its value is still the slightest reduction, or even value-added, called a present, benefit the future precious. Patek Philippe’s many watches have become a model of timepieces, in the auction will continue to refresh the transaction price record. They have a good reputation in the eyes of collectors, especially the unique Cartier nail bracelet replica emotional value, in the eyes of many watch the main, Patek Philippe watch this unique value makes it a worthy of the legend of the family legend.
Process aesthetics
Patek Philippe’s watch is not only a highly accurate timepiece tool, but also a beautiful appearance reflects the outstanding craft of the aesthetic creation, its design can be rolling in the fashion torrents stalemate, keep its ultimate charm and modern atmosphere. Patek Philippe set a low-key introverted, eternal elegance of the unique style, the perfect blend of personality and stability, elegance and elegance. This style was born with a simple design, distinctive personality, beautiful lines of watches, many of which quickly became classic. Today, Patek Philippe retains its unique charm at the same time, as always, its watch for low-key changes.

Esprit no matter when and where give people frankly cheerful healthy image

Esprit no matter when and where give people frankly cheerful healthy image

ESPRIT its “mentality rather than age” design concept has spread throughout the world. ESPRIT represents a vibrant, respected cooperation, the pursuit of ideals, as well as positive life optimistic about the lifestyle brand; ESPRIT for the customer to shape, not just hanging in the body of clothing, is a way of life, a pair of life Attitude, a feeling of self.
Three SPRIT what brand, ESPRIT introduced
Esprit designs proven products and creates selling space for these products, encouraging customers to develop their own style, rather than spending for consumption. But how they are in the customer every day different desires and uneasy mood, still adhere to their own beliefs.
Esprit no matter when and where, give people frankly cheerful healthy imitation Cartier love bracelet image, which is its birthplace * full of sunshine and free and open the American West Coast city of San Francisco is not unrelated, at the same time, it is also favorite Esprit modern life Grade and self-style customers have reached a consensus.
Three SPRIT what brand, ESPRIT introduced
For more than 30 years, Esprit products in the fashion industry has been vibrant, lively and cheerful image of the unique, and by the pursuit of health, active living people love. Esprit spirit from the combination of three elements: excellent product design and manufacturing level; continuously improve the corporate and brand image; and “people” -based design.
Three SPRIT what brand, ESPRIT introduced
Consumer population positioning
Mainstream customers for the 25-35 years old, have a certain economic base, like the fashionable white-collar workers. Medium spending power, economic stability, can be more free to choose their favorite goods.
Ingersoll R & D INGERSOLL was founded in 1892, in the world by consumers widely recognized brand, is the Anglo-American watch industry’s ancestor. At the end of the 19th century, Ingersoll’s founders Robert and Charles Ingersoll founded one of the earliest American watch factories.
Ingersoll INGERSOLL watch introduction
In 1892, with the help of Henry Ford, the brothers successfully developed the automatic watch production line. In their years of unremitting innovation, Ingersoll Roma watch set a piece of another milestone. The brothers set up an ambitious plan: on the one hand for the public to create parity watch, on the other hand to provide a reasonable price luxury watch.
1983, the UK’s largest watch import company Zeon Ltd. acquired Ingersoll. Each year, thousands of Replica Cartier jewelry Ingersoll watches are sold in the UK. From the beginning in New York, now in the UK and the world market is very popular. 120 years, Ingersoll has been attracting the eyes of the world. Dazzling design, reliable mechanical craft, incredible value, has always been the brand was remembered the bright spot.
Series introduction
Ingersoll INGERSOLL watch introduction
Ingersoll Classic
The series focused on Ingersoll’s 120 years of classic watches, including what complex features watch. Appearance: eccentric design, multi-eye design, barrel type, coin pattern and so on. Function: chronograph, energy storage display, tourbillon, dual time zone and so on. Style: hollow movement, back through, multi-color strap and other dazzling.
Ingersoll INGERSOLL watch introduction
Ladies Range
The series of 100% pet ladies on the watch critical requirements, to the pursuit of fine almost crazy to create a ladies watch luxury legend. The color of the strap from the pure white to the dazzling pink, noble treasure blue, full of shiny sections. Steady brown and strip must also be fine. The bezel is not stingy and so on, and so on. Literal design bold use of hollow technology, so that ladies watch can also show the movement of the charm.
Ingersoll INGERSOLL watch introduction
Tourbillon series designed a close heart of the window, allowing the owner to glimpse the tourbillon in the watch inside the beautiful gesture of rotation. Tourbillon can offset the role of gravity, thereby enhancing the rate of the watch. Tourbillon ends around the axis of rotation, great mechanical aesthetics.
In the late nineteenth century, the famous watchmaking town of La Chaux De Fonds in the watch industry accounted for a seat of the Vrolixs family, when the Swiss watch industry is beginning to sprout and flourish. The VROLIXS family adhere to the traditional process, the spirit of its independent tabulation continues to the present.
Five Star Admiral BLANSACAR watch introduction
Brand characteristics
BLANSACAR brand retains a lot of watchmaking tradition and the essence, and to operate as an independent company, although not like the consortium of overwhelming advertising, and make consumers familiar, but it can be flexible to show, do not have to be around the group strategy, To provide value for money Swiss watch.
BLANSACAR is currently using Swiss advanced standard automatic mechanical movement, some models have more than a century of history, the actual test, improved, to perfect, flawless, with a high degree of precision mechanical properties. BLANSACAR watch durable, easy maintenance from, cheap insurance. Normal use, durability for several decades. BLANSACAR intentionally “heroes”, five-star logo symbolizes the brand’s uncompromising about quality. Chinese name to the prominent family, also known as the five-star watch.
Watches recommended
Five Star Admiral BLANSACAR watch introduction
Limit series
In the challenge of self-limit of the sports field, whether it is the physical limits of the track and field, rock climbing or surfing, when the rapid rise in adrenaline, only a strong physique and perseverance in order to climb the peak, crowned crown. This watch contains the ultimate challenge of men’s domineering and persistence. Diameter 48mm case coupled with domineering crown, more durable, while showing the strength and toughness of each of the essence and extreme sports arena on the movement of the spirit.
The main features of this watch include hours, minutes, seconds and dates, on the crown, shock and waterproof 10 ATM (100 meters / 330 feet), the Swiss automatic mechanical movement, the frequency of vibration per hour up to 28,800 times.
Five Star Admiral BLANSACAR watch introduction
1920 retro series
The twentieth century was called “the golden age of the twentieth century.” The idea of raising the BLANSACAR 1920 series is two things that men love for machines and grades. For the design of inspiration and modern sense of balance, like in the renovation of an old photo, want to save the classical style, want to embrace the era of modern decorative arts movement.
This watch has an elegant, modern and indispensable functionality. Classic 43mm white plated case, ETA 2824 Swiss automatic movement. Black or white dial, hour, minute, second and date function, waterproof 5ATM (50 meters).

Miuccia Prada each series of designs are walking at the forefront of popular

Miuccia Prada each series of designs are walking at the forefront of popular

Italian brand Prada Prada was created in Milan in 1913. Miuccia Prada’s unique talent lies in the relentless pursuit of new ideas, the integration of the curiosity of knowledge and cultural interest, which opened up a pioneer of the road. She can not only predict fashion trends, more able to lead the fashion trend. Prada Prada offers men and women clothing, leather goods, footwear, glasses, perfume and watches, and provide tailor-made services!
Prada Prada watch profile
Miuccia Prada each series of designs are walking at the forefront of popular. For her, the design is a constant attempt and innovation process, the need for uncompromising exploration and experimental spirit. From this process, the birth of a series of truly innovative and impressive design elements, which eventually became the contemporary fashion industry classic.
Therefore, each series of PRADA is filled with exciting and unexpected elements, and these are just proof of Miuccia Prada endless imagination and creativity. She said: “I never lost, in the face of numerous changes, always quite sensible and sober.I have never been afraid of any changes!
PRADA in the course of nearly a hundred years of development, through the commitment imitation Cartier love bracelet to create both the classic color and innovative spirit of the concept of fashion, a world-renowned legendary brand.
In 1978, this historic and famous brand was given a new element of development and vitality. PRADA founder’s granddaughter Miuccia and had a wealth of luxury products production experience Patrizio Bertelli established a business partnership. Miuccia Prada served as the chief designer of PRADA, through her talented fashion talent constantly interpretation of the challenges and innovation of the legend, and Patrizio Bertelli – a creative entrepreneur, not only the establishment of the PRADA worldwide product distribution channels As well as mass production system, but also cleverly PRADA traditional brand concept and modern advanced technology for the perfect combination.
After more than 20 years of hard work and struggle, this long history of the brand continue to develop and evolve. Through Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli tacit cooperation, PRADA has grown from a small family career to become the world’s top luxury brands.
Today, there are 166 directly operated PRADA and Miu Miu boutiques, located in the world’s major cities and tourist attractions. Located in Hong Kong Central Lingshan building shop is PRADA’s 170th boutique. These “light green boutiques”, its unique design combines the functional and elegant temperament, perfect to bring out the PRADA excellent products. Recently, PRADA Epicenters flagship stores have been set up, they are unique style, is the integration of shopping and culture of a new attempt.
At present, PRADA Group already has PRADA, Jil Sander, Church’s, Helmut Lang, Genny and Car Shoe and other prestigious international brands, it also has Miu Miu brand exclusive license.
All PRADA Group’s products under the command of the production are from the Italian Tuscany area Prada Spa jurisdiction, this area is recognized as the most high-end leather and footwear production technology and technology. For mass production, PRADA products on the requirements of high quality did not relax, never compromise on the concept of quality has become PRADA famous corporate philosophy.
Luka Persia RCABOS watch is a domestic watch brand! Shenzhen Veyron watches Co., Ltd. is one of the brands. Shenzhen City Veyron watch industry is a set design, development, production as one of the strength to send business. The company mainly produces alloy, tungsten Replica Cartier jewelry steel, all steel, ceramics, tungsten steel steel sets, watches and various types of watches and clocks, with some well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers.
Luka Persia RCABOS watch brand introduction
Veyron watch industry products elegant and generous, fashionable and noble. In recent years, Veyron watch industry to withstand the baptism of market competition, with its perseverance in the spirit of exploration; perseverance of the pursuit of quality; unity and pragmatic corporate image and highly respected by the vast number of consumers.
Veyron watch the production of various types of low, medium and high-grade watches. Can be produced according to customer requirements R & D. Its brand has Burui Shi, Osini, Suo Di, Luka Persia and so on!
Veyron watch industry adhering to the “honest to win the trust of quality, to achieve win-win” a principle of service in the market by people’s awareness. But also in the self-breaking fight for a higher level of progress!
In the tide of globalization, design behavior is more open, multi-faceted and diversified. Ceramic cross-border use is one of the representatives of high-tech precision ceramics and daily art ceramic boundaries are no longer clear, different materials applications are different, the structure will be different, the product will be given a new function, thus Showing a new aesthetic value. Blowing this ceramic new wind, was undoubtedly a large gathering of industry giants.
According to Mr. Huang Bingwen, Chief Operating Officer of Jin Shi Da Watch Industry, high-tech ceramics are sintered with zirconia-based mineral powder (powder particle diameter less than 1 micron) sintered at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C. It is the same as traditional Chinese ceramic products, has a stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof anti-fade anti-corrosion anti-corrosion, and the surface moist and flawless, able to distribute soft natural luster. However, the history of the development of watches and clocks, we were surprised to find that, including tourbillon, three questions, timing, including most of the complex features as early as 200 years ago has been invented, but in terms of material, until the early 20th century Before the advent of stainless steel, there have been no major innovation. Since 1986, the world’s first precision ceramic table in the Swiss radar watch factory was born, this subversive material will sweep the whole table altar, the industry believes that high-tech precision ceramics has been widely used, thanks to This is a lot of advantages of this material, one is light; the second is sturdy and wearable, unlike the steel table and gold table as easy to be scratched; three is not lead to skin allergies; four low cost of raw materials; five surface rounded jade, color Many, fashion elements be richly endowed by nature. With high-tech ceramic instead of stainless steel, has become the direction of the design of the designer R & D.
Rhine watch industry to strengthen its own brand building, relying on the top team technology and world-class processing plant background, since 2010, 90 percent of the watches are made of ceramic materials, high-tech ceramics has become a synonym for the Rhine table The The future, the Rhine team will dig deep ceramic characteristics, condensate classic, dedication more colorful ceramic table, in the world fashion watch market occupies a place.