The latest development calendar has three independent semi-circular windows

The latest development calendar has three independent semi-circular windows

IFP Series IW5035 watch introduction
The latest development calendar has three independent semi-circular windows, respectively, show the month, date and week. The date propulsion system takes into account the number of days per month. Only in February and leap year through the crown can be manually adjusted. The new IWC IWC 52850 self-made movement is equipped with a double barrel, providing a total of seven days of power reserve.
IFP Series IW5035 watch introduction
2015 is the IWC Portuguese series of years, IWC IWC newly developed Replica Cartier jewelry calendar grand debut for the brand and add a very attractive and complex features. This calendar is located in the dial “12 o’clock” position, with three independent semi-circular window, respectively, show the month, date and week. Its switching mechanism has been automatically taken into account the number of different days per month. Unlike the calendar, the calendar does not take into account the number of days in February, do not consider the impact of leap year, so the need for a monthly correction at the end of February each year, the adjustment is also very simple, just through the crown can be.
In order to show the date display more, the watch designers will be three-sided display disc set at 11:00 to 1:00 between the scale. Calendar and 7-day power reserve homemade movement of the rare combination of IWC IWC this latest feature of the watch on the watch expert has an irresistible charm. This time optional 18K red gold case with silver dial, or stainless steel case with silver or night blue dial. Arched edge sapphire glass table mirror to look more slim, highlighting the classic classic temperament watch. Curved lips are more comfortable to wear, the same for thin wrist. Through the back of the watch transparent sapphire glass table, you can look at the new 52850 self-made movement of the fine structure.
Which country is the count table?
Piaget table is which country? 1874, a legendary brand was born, he is PIAGET Earl. Earl has been adhering to the “never done better than the requirements of the brand spirit, the watch jewelry master for the world, and make it timeless.
Which country is the count table?
PIAGET Earl, from Switzerland’s senior watch jewelry manufacturers, uphold the “never do better than the requirements of the” brand spirit, to create a nearly half a century across the watchmaking legend. Whether it is on behalf of the Earl slender master Altiplano series, or from the real rose Piaget Rose series, are confirming the brand of traditional watchmaking and avant-garde design of the relentless pursuit.
The founder of the Piaget table, Ogies, who was originally a farmer in the Jurassic Mountains in the village of Rachel Ocox. In 1874, he founded the watchmaking studio, organized his 14 children for the production of other watchmaking companies, but also to Piaget’s brand production of finished products only to sell the local market. After the Second World War, two of his descendants, Gillard and Van Lenting, set up the first batch of Piaget watches. As the Piaget table excellent quality, and soon played a brand. Since the development of the count table regardless of shape, color are filled with the mainstream of the modern atmosphere. As the current president of the company, said: “You look at the time from the count table, is to enjoy a supreme treasure.” Founded in 1874 in the Swiss watch-PIAGET, with excellent design Talent, and superb watchmaking technology, PIAGET leadership table altar for a century, so that the world’s watch industry to send splendor, shining.
How does the light energy watch charge?
For the use of photogynamics watch friends, in the charging process, you may feel that the watch with a day to see the light, how can light up enough. Then how to charge the light energy watch? The following watch home to tell you!
How does the light energy watch charge?
First look at the definition of the lighting unit: lux (lux, legal symbol lx) illumination unit, 1 lux is equal to 1 lumen (lumen, lm) luminous flux evenly distributed in 1 ㎡ area of illumination.
Lux is the “light” in Latin.
1LUX is about 1 candle light in the distance of 1 meter, the general situation: the summer sun for the 100,000LUX; cloudy outdoor 10000LUX; indoor fluorescent light for the 100LUX; 60W from the 60W desk 60CM desktop 300LUX; TV studio for 1000LUX; Indoor 10LUX; night lights for 0.1LUX; candlelight (20CM distance) 10 ~ 15LUX.
Above is intercepted from Baidu, there is no concept of this, or a little Yunshan fog cover. Then we follow the light energy meter charging standard to explain:
The most common is the H144 movement, if your table has been sealed in the box, come out later to see the light, from the stop to the second hand 1 second 1 jump normal operation, the need for sunlight / summer exposure dial continuous exposure 40 Minutes above. This is just the beginning of the state, the power is not full. Eventually need to focus on charging is full, then also continue to be in the sun / summer, the watch from the blank to full charge, you need to continue to light for 30 hours. Because the sun / summer is the highest illumination, all the charging speed is the fastest. Also suggested that in order to ensure the best use of the performance of the watch, 1 to 2 months to focus on the watch once charged, the instructions are written in the sun over 6 hours can be.
Stowa STOWA watch how much money the price
Stowa STOWA watch 1927 created in the southern German watchmaking of a watch factory, initially for some Swiss table foundry, and later made their own table. The history of making bauhaus style watches, the German Nazi Air Force with B-Uhr, the Navy is known for timers. Then Stowe STOWA watch how much money it?
Stowa STOWA watch how much money the price
Now STOWA table dedicated mechanical movement, after painstaking development, watch in the town of Pforzheim, Germany, the factory which hand-made. The current product line is based on tradition and has a long history of watch design elements designed. The goal of the STOWA table is to respect the tradition and rely on its creativity to create something new. Although today’s STOWA watches are made according to tradition and by means of classical elements, they still have their own style, craftsmanship and unique. Features, is small, STOWA expert team into the production of each of the table of things.
Stowa STOWA watches in the market position is low in the pro who grade, the price from six thousand yuan to 30,000 yuan range, most people have the ability to buy. If you are a fan of German watches, then Stowe STOWA is a good choice!

Cartier watch polishing how much money

Cartier watch polishing how much money

Cartier watch polishing how much money
Cartier is the French watch brand, each piece of watches are made in Switzerland. Cartier watches to watch and jewelry the perfect combination of world-renowned, to win the favor of countless consumers. But the Cartier watch once worn for a long time, the case will inevitably appear scratches. So how much does the Cartier watch polish charge?
Different styles, different scratches, different materials. Cartier Cartier love bracelet replica watch polished price is not the same, so Cartier on this service is not directly priced. The best way to deal with the watch is sent to the service center in Beijing, and then the technician according to the situation of the table offer, Cartier in reply to you.
After you accept, and then provide the relevant services. In general the most basic start in 2000, the time is about 15-30 days.
Rolex Blackwater Ghost worth buying?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. This as a deep wrist watch “Rolex Water Ghost” family, including the green, black, blue, red ghost, and the “King of Ghosts,” said Comex series. “Rolex Shui Gui” among the family, each “King of Ghosts” Comex more known to really under the sea. And green water ghosts and black water ghosts the most popular, especially green water ghost, it is a city to be sold out.
Rolex Blackwater Ghost worth buying?
In the forty-fifties of the last century, people developed submarine resources, especially the oil and natural gas to form a global boom, in this context, the Rolex Submariner Rolex Submariner (Rolex Submariner) series will have a good High contrast ratio, high contrast ratio of black and large luminous needles, good anti-magnetic, waterproof, anti-collision structure, good corrosion resistance and resistance to severe temperature difference, so that submarine more convenient. In 1953 Rolex trial a small amount of diving table, ready to show in Basel in 1954, is the world’s first waterproof more than 100 meters mechanical watch.
With the advent of the pioneer type, Rolex in the field of diving show the world’s top level, but also allow them to get more of the best quality resources. In 1963, Comex, a world-class underwater operating company, worked with Rolex to provide underwater test tables for Rolex, while Comex’s divers provided Rolex with performance analysis data for these watches. Participate in the deep-sea test of this watch includes the submarine type, so each Comex is really under the sea. Rolex will be on these ocean visitors on the dial with Comex to show the difference between the public offering of the market style, and these special for the Comex diving table is Rolex Submariner with Sea-Dweller, that is, we usually say ” And “ghost king”. It can be said that Rolex in cooperation with Comex after the diving table reached a new height.
Blackwater ghost is to fill the green water ghost in the market of great vacancies and the introduction of the watch, “black” refers to the black ceramic material. Rolex’s deep submarine watch success thanks to a number of groundbreaking technological innovations, including Rolex exclusive new case structure RingloCKSystem, which ensures that the watch in the deep water calmly under great pressure. Especially for the most demanding professional divers design. In addition, the other three excellent watch components to achieve the outstanding performance of this watch contributed: its high-performance stainless steel ring placed in the blue crystal glass and case between the back cover to ensure that the glass and case back cover easily Withstand the huge water pressure; its blue crystal glass surface was slightly arched, than other oyster-style watch the glass surface thicker, and the other compressive capacity doubled; case back cover with a high resistance to resistance made of titanium alloy, And with excellent performance 904L stainless steel ring fixed. This watch has a very high collection value.
Casio watches young fashion, many young people and sports enthusiasts have a Cartier love ring replica soft spot for Casio watches. But Casio watches are mostly quartz watch, when the power consumption is about to replace the battery. Then Casio men’s watches how to change the battery? The following watch home to tell you it!
Casio men watch how to change the battery, please keep in mind four steps:
1, the application of bamboo or plastic tweezers to take the battery, take the battery remember to bring gloves to prevent the hands with static electricity, eliminating the short circuit caused by the battery.
2, the battery to put away. Hand dish was put, remove the watch battery to remember the battery to put positive, negative straight position.
3, clean the battery. Before installing a new battery, check the presence of the positive and negative contacts with the battery. If there is dirt, can be wiped with alcohol or gasoline.
4, when loading the battery attention direction. Install the battery, should pay attention to the battery positive and negative direction, do not put the positive and negative anti.
Casio men’s watch how to change the battery, Note:
1, when the battery is installed, should pay attention to the battery is positive and negative direction, if the positive and negative installed, will damage the watch.
2, it is best not to replace the battery at night.
3, for the battery process, to avoid touch the movement or other parts.
4, for a good battery back cover must be tight.
5, if the watch removed more than once, waterproof ring is easy to aging or damage, it is best to change the new waterproof ring.

Wedding day flowers cost savings coup cool summer swimming pool wedding enjoy carnival

Wedding day flowers cost savings coup cool summer swimming pool wedding enjoy carnival

Wedding day flowers cost savings coup cool summer swimming pool wedding enjoy carnival
1. As far as possible in your reception to collect wedding items, so put the guests attention to the reception, you only need to carefully layout there.
2. consider giving your bridesmaids or wedding flowers on a small amount of bright bouquets (lilies or cactus, etc.), moving flowers are always more than the static to attract people’s attention.
3. Use simple and cheap flowers to replace elaborate but expensive Replica Cartier jewelry flowers, so you can spend less money to buy more flowers.
4. Use rich candles and simple flowers. And cheap ornaments, such as glass balls, etc., can fully compensate for the lack of vases.
5. Use some small potted flowers or bonsai instead of cutting flowers.
6. Avoid choosing wedding at Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, usually during this time the price of flowers will rise.
7. If you want to decorate your own flowers, it will be more economical to buy from the flower wholesalers. But remember to place the flowers in a cool place and empty enough time to clean and trim.
Because in the midsummer season wedding, want to bring you a cool feeling, so the wedding ritual theme theme with a white green; and in the dinner, in order to reflect the feeling of mid-summer wedding carnival night, then use a bright and colorful candy as the theme color. The use of these colors will run through every detail of the wedding.
The swimming pool wedding in the Yalong Bay MGM hotel, divided into ritual and dinner area two stages. The original design of the hotel pool is particularly suitable for the wedding ceremony area.
Because there are two rows of parasols on both sides of the ritual channel, forming a natural pool lead. With a small amount of flowers for its decorations to maintain the original style, this will not affect the characters shooting.
White wooden chairs, plus green ribbon and beads decorated, and the environment into one, giving fresh and natural feeling, very fit the layout of the scene.
Western-style wedding is there will be a lot of best man bridesmaid, the best man bride and groom is the bride and groom brothers and sisters, and can be married. This time in the pool wedding with three pairs of best man bridesmaids.
The bride is under the leadership of her father and gives her daughter to the groom. Into the swearing session, because taking into account the temperature of the outdoor, so as far as possible the entire ritual process planning simple and fine, so that newcomers and guests will not feel hard, easy to keep them warm.
New clothes to meet the wedding scene environment, temperature and wedding color. Because the wedding ceremony area is relatively spacious, and the ritual links are more formal, so the bride’s wedding is more formal style, and the groom because of the temperature can also wear shirts, clothing also added a green element.
Wedding bride and bridesmaid’s shoes if the match will also add color for the wedding, because this theme color is white and green, so the wedding shoes chose the green, and bridesmaids shoes are selected the same color but different green, and different styles The
In order to add the scene relaxed and lively feeling, the best man who also wear a strap, but also specially selected with the bride and bridesmaids shoes with the same color socks to do with! Wedding details are ubiquitous!
Dinner area decoration In order to meet the theme of the carnival party, the use of bright candy color ornaments. Candy-colored ribbons made of curtains as a confectionery area background decoration.
Wedding dessert in the Western food has a very important position, so it was also concerned about the guests! Fit wedding style and theme of the small dessert will not only add color for the wedding, but also very easy to give guests a deep impression! Prepared dessert is very unique and was praised by the guests!
In the Western wedding, the bride and groom at the dinner party can have a separate table, and the location is at the center of the top of all the dining table. In order to be able to show several table layout style, we have adopted a different design to arrange the three tables.
The bride and groom’s first dance for the rave party kicked off! In the West, this is also an essential part of the dinner, only the bride and groom first dance, the guests will begin to dance.

Marry a little common sense: how much money to marry a diamond ring?

Marry a little common sense: how much money to marry a diamond ring?

Marry a little common sense: how much money to marry a diamond ring?
Love is one of God’s most precious gifts given to mankind. It brings people to the sweet, brought happiness, brought a laugh, brought moving. And marry diamond ring is hidden in the meaning of infinite love. So you want to beat the sweetheart, usually choose to put on her fingers on a wedding proposal. But want a fairy tale come true, choose to marry diamond ring is very important, then the general marry diamond ring to how much money? Let’s take a look at it!
First, the selection of high quality, quality assurance

Now people generally choose platinum or gold to build the ring, in general, platinum ringing relative to the price of gold is more expensive, gold ring about more than 2,000 yuan; and platinum ringing need more than 4,000 yuan. For the gold ring, bright color, can bring out Cartier love bracelet replica a noble sense of luxury. And for the platinum ring, elegant and refined, to bring out a kind of elegant chic feeling, when the platinum encounter diamonds, love spark blooming, so that the sense of happiness instantly spread … … So now more people favor platinum ring, It is elegant and elegant, as love between lovers, pure and flawless, can not tolerate any impurities. But in general, the selection of materials to be careful to care, it not only affects the price of the ring, but also has a subtle meaning of love. Xiangruyimo, love the people with the edge of the day, the gift of each other, your past I have no time to participate in your future I Feng to accompany in the end
Second, the style changeable, innovation

Now people not only the requirements of the material on the ring, but also very focused on the style of the design, such as ringing twisted into, relief, hollow, mosaic, broken diamond around … … good ring twisted must be unique , Smooth and simple lines, graceful elegant curves, flowing out of love romance happiness; exquisite relief hollow design is also very important, perfect fine pattern lines shuttle is the light sense of fine platinum ring, like lovers of love Flowers and blooming, will be the moment of happiness and romance, the eternal memories and memories; for diamond mosaic, beautiful diamond firmly embedded in the ring, it is like a love between lovers like this inlaid diamonds Like a solid, tough; delicate and complete diamonds will give a noble sense of gorgeous, of course, there are many people like to break around the diamond, such as the stars in general, giving the dream of fantasy and artistic beauty. It can be seen, the more cordial design style, the more unique and unique, the higher the price naturally. Couples ring, gold and silver are set off each other, but also the integration of each other, totally natural, as we are in vain.
Third, the size of the right, perfect match

For the marriage diamond ring, the degree of the width of the ring is also very important. In general, the wider the ring, the higher the price. You can heart of the hand type, the thickness of the fingers, or personal preferences to determine the width of the ring. If the hand is Cartier love ring replica relatively large, relatively thick fingers, you can choose a wide diamond ring, used to modify the hand type, if the hand is relatively thin, fingers more slender, you can choose a narrow ring. The width of the ring can also show a different temperament, and therefore also affect the price of marrying diamond ring.

The fate of thousands of miles to meet, if met the Italian people, that is God’s own gift, do not miss her, but should take her hand, take care of her, cherish her life. Before that, the preparatory work to be done is to pick a good to be able to impress her marry ring. Carefully consider the various factors, then you consider how good your marriage diamond ring to do it?
This world everything has always been a natural balance, almost everything is good and bad are good and bad, even as a love letter of marriage proposal is no exception. In today’s huge jewelry market, a variety of diamond ring is quite difficult to identify, resulting in a love for the heart of the boxing was cheated, Xiaobian could not bear to see this upside down chaos, so here to introduce you to marry diamond ring Pick a few principles.
Principle 1: that a crystal clear

Perhaps, only a dream of the purple tide, but after all, but become a mirror dream. A beautiful meet, convinced that this encounter will no longer become a mirror of water, convinced that bright smile will eventually disperse the half-life of the nightmare. Life and death dew wide, fleeting, looking back to the memory of the notes but also a leaf of a moment of clouds, and then fine to the end of life is nothing but a Shaohua dream, the scattered light, free to leave. If the time is still, I hope there is a diamond ring condensate into a touch of silhouette, the most happy when the condensation in the pure peace inside, when the eternal life. Love is probably the world’s most pure feelings, why not need a crystal wedding ring to characterize it?
Principle two: that touch of Qin heart warm sun

If you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy The heart will be full of sunshine, fragrance, bright and clear Huan, years are beautiful. Fireworks Cartier nail bracelet replica fleeting, breakdown of the earth like a cold, the winter more and more concentrated, cold deeper and deeper, why not find a warm heart, treat yourself People are social properties of the creature, if the harvest can be a selfish heart to the sun. Marry the diamond ring is also the case, if she can be their own wishful, that is, as a token of love in the heart forever gentle touch of warmth.
Principle three: that I do not abandon

Youth, is gloomy gray, monotonous pale, but mixed with the child’s warm and simple bright and clean. Once ignorant of the rate, and now the profound sophistication. Always wanted to write a long letter with you, always wanted to tell you a few simple words, always wanted to let you listen to the song you wrote, that once their own memory that you. Earthly, there is a met called beautiful, there is a kind of acquaintance called Sentimental, there is an outcome is no ending, and there is a pain is destined to leave. I always think that the edge should be the ancient bar, even if the day of each party, even if the marshes. In fact, the choice of marriage proposal is not also eager to choose a kind of eternal attitude with the left and right?

There are many principles to choose the wedding ring selection, Xiao Bian here is summed up is the most essential of several, hope that this from the heart of the words can help you in the selection of those who have tarnished the pure love of fake and defective.

How to choose the long way out of diamonds

How to choose the long way out of diamonds

How to choose the long way out of diamonds
Everyone has his own way, perhaps there is no way in the wind, perhaps in front of us have the road we can set foot, we have to do to get out of our own path, perhaps this is a distant goal. Diamonds are the most beautiful thing in our life, perhaps in the distance, where it flashes. How to choose a diamond to make the road more open? As long as a heart on the line.
Yearning for the first time

We are on the road, in the field, in the clouds will think of a heart so that our hearts can be brilliant things, such things may be in your eyes, perhaps in the distant horizon, or not will not let our choice Have to waver, because the outcome has long been doomed, but in the way to find the harvest. Suppose we have a chance for us to find a diamond, how can we pick it? Is only concerned about finding the results of a diamond, or more value to find Replica Cartier jewelry that a diamond process, we sometimes may be looking for a diamond in the process of losing their way, sometimes feel that some people or some things will let us Powerless, but life is not exactly the case? There are a lot of stories we have not experienced, there are a lot of people we have not met, but all things or people are on the road, waiting for us to find, like that a grievance, maybe you have not found it, but It is not far away from you, so all you need is to wait slowly.

Look at the size of the stars

How big or how little the stars are, perhaps from our earth to the stars only a little bit of light, but when we find that light, as long as the light, looking at that little light we can see that huge planet, and That dazzling light. If we only focus on the size of the diamond, then you are wrong, how big the diamond, and then big day, and then a little bit of dust. As long as we carefully look at each diamond, then the diamond will shine out of the light it belongs to, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, you will think of that kind of spiritual feeling.

Unsightly dazzling color

Each of us is chasing our hearts that important color, some girls dream pink, some empty blue, and some are mysterious purple, and even dark black. And each one has its own characteristics, if we have those bright colors, our life may be more brilliant, but if we do not have those bright colors, we will live like a diamond that only one piece Colorless? What you do not know is that a colorless diamond is a tribute to the ordinary life of diamonds.

How to choose diamonds in order to make our lives more beautiful, in fact, the secret of which only really with a sincere heart to make our lives more real, but also our diamonds more dazzling.
The first ray of sunshine in life, you are in my heart lake lakeside walk left the shallow footprints, fine broken pieces, climbed my apical, is your heart to my heart to cast the last casual A glimpse of the moment of sight, but as if pumping away my life’s strength, it must be love. Want to use and a ring set at your fingertips, it does not mean anything, but I love you beyond life, this is the deepest girls ring the meaning of wearing a law.

Girls wear ring law

To the stars for the media, to the month as evidence, skim a holding of the river of the river, with the heart of the hot hot rolling it into a brilliant diamond ring every time, dotted your life every wonderful moment. Ring is the lightest affair, silently at the fingertips to pay all the companionship, but this life is the most important commitment. For girls, every ring received in life is memorable memories of this life, especially the diamond ring, regardless of any style, weight, no accident to tell this sentence the same love words, that is to give you me This life is the most pure love, you do not have to answer immediately, but I hope that from your mouth to say that sentence, will be my life light. The middle finger of the girl is the location of the marital ring, the ring finger waiting for the engagement and marriage diamond ring dream, after engagement, engagement diamond ring will stay in the ring finger, until the wedding, the diamond ring was removed, and then quickly put on wedding ring.

The lady wears the law

Time of the river gradually receded, took away all left on the shore footprints, but intentionally or unintentionally left the Montreal shell, each one can hear the echo of love. In addition to the girl’s most profound diamond ring, the decorative role of the ordinary flower ring is also essential in daily life, a small flower ring, as long as the right to wear, the opponent and the whole person’s makeup to play a subtle The role. Ms. flowers in addition to the decoration in addition to no special significance, you can wear any finger on any, and even now many of the diamond ring is already a good combination of rings, there is no definite set, and a finger is not limited to wear A ring.
Little finger wearing a ring of special significance

If the girl’s fingers on the ring with any special significance, then, in addition to suggesting that the emotional state, there is a expression of personal attitude to life, or emotional attitude. Little finger is a special position it is suitable for the delicate only decorated flower ring, but do not recommend wearing a formal too serious ring, because the small IQ are wearing a ring is a symbol of celibate, which is a rejection of any peach The meaning, if not already done a lifetime do not marry the psychological preparation, absolutely recommended to wear on the little finger.

The glimmer of life gradually spread, illuminate every corner of life, but eventually have a seat, is left to the life of the most dazzling ring, become the attribution of this life. Girls ring wear more than one, but the most important of which, must be for love.

How well is the wedding ring?

How well is the wedding ring?

How well is the wedding ring?
You are my most want to reach the scenery, weak water three thousand you are I want to take a scoop, the most beautiful scenery of life than with you on the marriage of the Express, went to the end of love. You are my life waiting for the same, and you want to slowly grow old together, what vows do not want, just want to wear a wedding ring for you, for you to wear a diamond ring, for you to wear the most shining eyes. How much the heart, how much stage, wedding ring how much appropriate, this look at your choice. Our love is not how big the diamond ring is, but because of your sincere heart.
Wedding ring – a carat

Flashing crystal, leaving the traces of years, you are my only, spring full of Chinese Cartier love ring replica branches. So I will send you a carat diamond ring, a carat is my portrayal of your wholeheartedly, is my day on your heart. “A” is just a simple way to write, it will love the same as the parallel extension of the indefinite line, if you want to ask how much wedding ring, I will be a carat diamond ring as your wedding ring, a carat on behalf of the Your wholeheartedly, a lifetime. Life of a pair of beautiful love words, I will write it into a carat wedding ring.

Wedding Ring – Two Carat

Midsummer Night’s Dream, you are my heart in full bloom Xia Lian, some people say “two carat diamond ring on behalf of true love full, never loss”, if you can, please allow me, in the hand with your hand that day I am full of joy You are filled with two carat wedding ring, give you my heart filled with the enthusiasm for you, two carat diamond ring that I was filled with stars flashing heart for you. Two carat diamond ring is my love for you, “Spring silkworm to the dead silk side, candles into gray tears.”
Choose wedding ring, wedding ring how much fit, wedding ring

Marriage Diamond Ring – Ten Carat

But I can give you the most dazzling star – ten carat diamond ring, the world has never been perfect things, so I want to send you ten Carat wedding ring, full I gave you the perfect. Send you ten carat wedding ring, it will be my very sincere, very loyal, very focused, very attentive, very determined to inject them, Allure also want to keep with you forever, ten carats is I give you Empress Dowager Love.

Looking back to the lights like flowers, no language people first shame, I do not dump the country, just dumping you the city is enough, if you ask me how much marriage wedding ring, then I said, as long as the representative of the mind, how much Are the best. No matter how big the diamond ring is, there is enough love for you Whether it is a carat diamond ring on behalf of the wholeheartedly, or two karaoke true love full, or ten carat luxury love, are the man on the woman’s special significance and can not replace the love.
Diamonds pure, love is precious, the same is what we can not get the case once it is well protected. Two people meet is God has long arranged a beautiful scenery, a lot of people only in this landscape was gone, and then left the rest of his life reminiscent of the aftertaste, and some people will frame the life of the most beautiful Time to pay to accompany her to see the scenery with the people, this time so good to be so long. People love to take diamonds to describe love, love is not easy, good diamonds is not easy, want to save is not simple. Many people say that nail polish can protect the diamond ring, then let Xiaobian to tell you how to maintain the diamond ring.
Love barrier

We are eager to be loved, eager to be protected and cherished by the fact that we also have Cartier nail bracelet replica a fragile heart and need to have a place where we can lick our wounds when we are injured. Have said that girls have a glass heart, although the diamond is not glass, but it needs us to give it more protection and care. Usually in the wear ring when more or less there will be some dust and grease by the diamond adsorption to the ring, these should not have the color appears in the diamond will cover up its original light, only for us we can use some of the life Little trick to protect it. First of all we have to use the water to the original ring of the dirt to clean, and then use the girls usually use nail polish gently coated layer in the above, so you can isolate the air, protect the diamond ring, but be sure to pay attention to the use of colorless nails oil.

Do not let your love be a burden

Love a person is to let him with you when comfortable, rather than become his burden. But also too much love too deep will become an invisible pressure, not only feelings so, the same as the maintenance of diamonds. Nail polish can protect the ring well, but the nail polish is also the day of shedding, if the nail polish off without timely clean-up will be more affected by the beauty of the diamond ring, so every time the nail polish is about to fall off Of Replica Cartier jewelry the time to take care of the remaining residual nail polish in order to apply again after the smear.
Diamond ring

Love you not two or three days

Diamonds are not bright one day can be formed, then the maintenance of diamonds is not day and night things, and things need our long-term care of it, in life try to avoid it and grease the opportunity to contact, and in the use of nail polish to protect After the use of professional unloading oil unloading residual nail polish.

Nail polish how to maintain the diamond ring need to pay attention to is that, in any case that the maintenance of diamonds is the need for long years to stick to do one thing.

A woman’s wedding ring

A woman’s wedding ring

A woman’s wedding ring
We have the desire to have a love to wear their own wedding ring, it is happy to leave the moment to accompany, in the future every day, but in the day of marriage, exchange the ring, the lover may be based on personal views or circumstances This ring is worn on your hand, as to which hands, as if there is no provision, it seems can be, in fact, not, on the woman wedding ring wearing hands, have to learn from both international and domestic Different wear law and different meaning, true love to ask the wedding ring to let you know more common sense.

From the influence of Western culture to the public choice

With the increasing influence of internationalization, in many aspects Cartier love bracelet replica of the culture have been assimilated, for the ring to choose which hand, many rich people are married when the choice of Western-style wedding, even in foreign ceremony, witnessed in the church two Personal love, so they are in their beloved woman wearing a ring, the general are the choice of the left hand, knees down to ask for a single knee, according to the knees and hands with the wedding ring is also left hand, but the fingers are not the same, many in the Domestic people will choose the left hand, most think this is a common sense of the public.

The Influence of Traditional Chinese Culture

As a country with a long history of culture and culture, so in a lot of habits and customs and the West is somewhat different, women wear wedding ring will be affected by the culture of the left female right, in many ways prefer to follow the male left female Habits, so it will wear a wedding ring in the right hand, after all, wedding rings will choose some simple, good quality ring ring, women generally do not need to do a lot of work, wearing a right hand is not a big impact.
International and domestic consensus on ring wear

Although women wear wedding rings in the right hand, but also in the left hand, but there are a lot of people their ideas are more open, so when wearing a wedding ring will be more casual, to which country to meet what kind of cultural customs, Their own to make the appropriate adaptation, so the wedding ring worn on the left hand can be right, are generally worn on the ring finger, in fact, this is only a form of expression of love, often or according to their own habits and personality to choose.

Whether at this moment you are about to be wearing a wedding ring happy woman, or that immediately hold the beauty of the man, you understand the woman wearing a wedding ring which hands, that you cherish the love, life only send One of the recommendations you from all over the international and domestic understanding of some common sense, will have a great help to your love.
I have been very curious Why do you want to wear a ring wedding, do not wear a ring can not represent the meaning you want to express it, in fact, think about it only to find love really need a letter to the interpretation of the ring is undoubtedly the best representative, as a lifetime Only to send one of the diamond ring, it represents the love of the specific.

History makes the ring a love token

The popularity of each object is because of its history, always at a certain point in time it was given a special meaning has been continued so far, so the same ring. Ancient Egypt is the earliest use of the ring, in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic culture, the small ring symbol Cartier love ring replica is eternal, so the ring has become an eternal representative, and love has always been respected is the eternal pursuit of a small ring The trap is the eternal two people, the future of two people. Continuation of the diamond ring continues to represent the eternal definition has not faded, it naturally became a lot of new people choose to wear the reasons for wearing a ring.

Reunion makes the ring a symbol of love

The reunion between lovers, the reunion between their loved ones, the reunion between their loved ones are the happiest thing in life, the earliest ring in our country is the Pearl of the Song Dynasty ring, it symbolizes the family reunion, and later continued until now, slowly From the original meaning evolved into lovers between the heart. In modern times, love is manifested exclusively. A round ring of the ring is two people reunion, two people composed of small family reunion. The little ring is a symbol of the existence of a home, is the love of escalation of the silent expression.
Really let the ring become the interpretation of love

Love needs truthfulness, in the past men and women are the ring as a love letter on the left hand ring finger, because the left hand connected with the heart, means that the truth between the two people. Until now, the ring has been as a fake letter was worn on the left hand ring finger, meaning two love people want to occupy each other deep inside, want to deeply engraved in each other’s souls. A wedding ring is not only a round ring so simple, more importantly, it represents Cartier nail bracelet replica the degree of the two people with the degree of love and how much love, wearing a wedding ring is a silent expression of love.

Why do you want to wear a ring on the issue of marriage Many people may be as puzzled as I am, but the history is not difficult to find the ring shape to give it a happy, reunion and other good moral, so when the wedding to send the beloved People a lifetime only to send one of the diamond ring has become a trend.

Jade bracelet’s head is what it means

Jade bracelet’s head is what it means

Jade bracelet’s head is what it means
Jade bracelet is what the meaning of the head of jade head, refers to the emerald light, that is, emerald transparency. Transparent high, the expert called the head long, in turn, the transparency is poor, called the head short.

High-quality emerald body translucent, glamorous overflowing, giving the feeling of watery, the industry called the head of the foot. The quality of the head is directly related to the quality of finished products, is an important factor in the evaluation. According to the degree of light through the emerald, emerald can be roughly divided into transparent, transparent, translucent, micro-transparent and opaque five types.
Jade bracelet how to see the traditional way to use the first method is to use a shade (foreign iron film) cover the sun, and then observe the light into the emerald inside how much, if infiltration of nine millimeters is equal to the emerald has a third of water Three millimeters), if infiltration of three millimeters is equal to a sub-water. Now people usually use a condenser flashlight to emit jade, in order to observe the penetration of light in the emerald, to determine the emerald’s head is good or bad.

A sub-water means that you can see about 3mm deep mineral.

Dip of water is to see about 6mm deep in the minerals, can reach the water of jade, its transparency is very good.

The third water means that you can see about 9mm deep mineral.
Jade head of jade on the beauty of the impact of it? Jade head on the beauty of jade has a great impact, the impact of transparency factors are the following:

1, the thickness of particles: fine particles of jade, the better the transparency;

2, the boundary between particles: the more irregular grain Replica Cartier jewelry boundaries, the more obvious, the higher the transparency;

3, the color of the depth: even if the transparency of good jade, if the color is too deep will also affect the transparency.

In the observation of the emerald head when we must be very careful, because the transparency and the thickness of the jade itself, to be particularly careful some emerald finished the middle is hollowed out, because the hollow part of the emerald thin, translucent performance is much better. It looks like the head is long. Relatively speaking, the higher the transparency of the emerald is the better.
Jade bracelet price Jade bracelet is one of many different materials bracelet, is one of the most common and valuable bracelet, in the long history of the river, jade bracelet has been there, and loved by the people. Jade bracelets are generally made of different grades, types, and quality jade, jade bracelet because of the quality of jade and the production process and the different types of different prices are also very different.
Jade bracelet price list Emerald bracelet is divided into many types, and different types of jade bracelet prices are different. But the price of jade bracelets are generally not low, are thousands of dollars, if the species better, and even up to tens of thousands. Here, Xiaobian for you to sort out several Jade bracelet price, hope to give you in the purchase of jade can have a reference.

[Jade collar] Jade bracelet A cargo ice kind of emerald green green jade bracelet ¥ 5000.00

[Brave] Myanmar jade bracelet floating jade bracelet bracelet jade bracelet A goods ¥ 6500.00

[Yu Meng color] genuine jade bracelet a goods Burmese bracelet natural jade jade bracelet floating ¥ 9950.00

[Jasper respect] natural Myanmar ice jade bracelet jade bracelet jade jewelry jade bracelet A goods ¥ 9700.00
A cargo Jade bracelet price Jade prices according to different categories, the price is different. Emerald is divided into three categories, each of which has A, B, C, D four. What is the price of A cargo Jade? From the three categories of jade, different grades have different prices.

In the jade category, which is the first category of goods, that is, emperor jade. In the emperor jade, according to the carat calculation, A cargo emerald price is the highest, and B-class and C-class, can be said to be a difference several times, or even hundreds of times. This is determined by the color of the emerald. In the second category is the commercial jade, the jade color is more complex, from the transparency point of view, and a lot worse than the emperor jade. Not only that, in the commercial jade, A cargo jade prices and other grades of commercial jade compared to, but also has a big difference in the purchase time to pay attention. The third category is ordinary jade, this jade is very common, the quality of the general, the color is generally colorless, transparent, the number is also a lot. Ordinary jade is calculated in kilograms, of which A cargo emerald price per kilogram but also more than 200 yuan, not to mention the other three grades, the price is cheaper.

A cargo Jade prices, through the above description, it is easy to see different types of jade, different levels of jade, the price difference between the poor.
How to identify true and false emerald jade, also known as jade. Color to green-based, and another red, yellow, white and so on. Red said Fei, green who said Tsui Its merits and demerits are color and ground. On the color when the green as expensive, the more concentrated the more fresh and better; and the ground will be through, net, with a sense of moisture, commonly known as “glass”. Color is excellent jade emerald printed hard to find, is the king of jade, extremely high price.

The past is mostly royal nobles, is no longer a noble can have, and everywhere you can see people wearing jade, which led to the emergence of many different quality of jade on the market, there are some imitation, then how to identify emerald Has become the most common question. Emerald identification, usually refers to the identification of jade products, generally can be divided into instrument testing and manual identification of two aspects. For the purchase of emerald consumers, the instrument side test may be less convenient, more often need to manually identify. For ordinary consumers, how to identify jade is not easy to understand the identification of jade, allows you to purchase later or in the collection, easier to identify the authenticity of jade.
Jade is the true and false identification method which is a jade jade, jade luster because of the fine, smooth and delicate surface, bright colors, since ancient times was regarded as a treasure. Now many people like to wear jade jewelry, but the emerald in the market which is also true and false, when the need to pay attention to the purchase, the following ice to tell you about the simple way to identify true and false emerald.

First, texture. Natural emerald texture transparent or translucent, the surface of oil and shiny, carefully observed, visible near the round slightly transparent “salt” and around the fibrous material around it. Emerald can be seen through the light part of the mist or patchy, and glass imitation is not these characteristics, this imitation is no matter how good the bubble.

Second, hardness. Jade hardness is very high, sharp tool engraved, designated, will not leave traces. Jade can draw a glass, if you can not draw any traces worthy of doubt.

Three, Tsui. Natural jade against the strong light observation, which can be seen there are other mineral particles Tsui color flash, known as Cuihua or emerald Tsui; with glass, plastic, porcelain made of counterfeit goods are no such “Tsui” characteristics.
How to identify the true and false Jade bracelet for the identification of jade bracelet, mainly to see the characteristics of jade, to see if it has a flaw, it can be said that the general emerald is with the Tsui, that is, the internal jade are generally granular or Shaped porphyry, and also formed a star-like flash. And can be said that the structure of jade is generally with the characteristics of the patchy porosity, and look at the density of jade structure and the thickness of the crystal is to assess the quality of jade with the standard, in addition, this is a measure of the Jade type of a basis, and relatively speaking, the emerald finished in the general case, but also has a glass or sub-glass luster, jade color is not uniform, and the general soft jade or jade and other jade are With a waxy luster or grease luster, and most of the color of jade is uniform, in addition to the identification of time, you can use light or natural light to view, whether the emerald entity with impurities or cracks So that it can be judged whether it is a good emerald, its quality has a very good standard of judgment.

Necklace Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a necklace pendant

Necklace Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a necklace pendant

Necklace Pendant What is the meaning of wearing a necklace pendant
Now the necklace pendants for girls dress up the jewelry, loved by female friends, especially in love, girls are more like the beloved people to send her necklace pendant. Necklace pendants as one of the most common jeans in our lives, won the pursuit of many beautiful women and love. Necklace pendant according to its material can be divided into gold necklace pendants, K gold necklace pendants, jade necklace pendants, etc., here we come to understand the different materials necklace pendant what meaning
Gold necklace pendant: necklace and gold with the perfect match, a high degree of unity and harmony, extravagance, can be a good highlight of the noble and elegant temperament. Especially the gold pendant released from the light, people obsessed.

K gold necklace pendant: a fine gold necklace pendant can instantly enhance people’s temperament, so that a woman instant Jiaoqiao moving. Gold necklace does not exist magic, nor is it something magical. Gold necklace pendant is derived from the ancient luxury of goods, whether it is from the color or workmanship, everywhere embodies a noble beauty. Based on the modern developed technology, but also to do unparalleled gold. Meticulous Replica Cartier jewelry gold necklace pendant gently hanging on the woman’s neck and neck, like a white jade inlaid carving, glittering, sparkling, a kind of unrealable beauty instantly distributed, everywhere is a highlight of the elegant beauty.

Jade Necklace Pendant: As the saying goes: “Jade will be interested, meaning will be auspicious.” Thousands of years of cultural accumulation and screening, refining many of the beautiful legend, allusions, a variety of exquisite designs, which for the jade carving provides a wealth of material. Jade Necklace Pendant is the most rare in the emerald hard to ask, meaning peace, the traditional intelligence that wear jade pendants can protect peace, calm, safe, is the most natural simple ornaments.
Fell in love: If you are single, there are opposite sex to give you necklace pendant to wear, you have to think about him (her) Behind this behavior is not there other meaning, necklace homophonic is love, I send you necklace You wear, on behalf of is what I want to fall in love with you. If both sides are single, and usually good friends get along well, when the other party to give you a gift when the representative may want to further enhance your relationship. So, wearing a necklace pendant on behalf of the first layer of meaning is fell in love.

Tied to each other: If you are already a girlfriend, and wearing a necklace pendant would like to hold the other side of the meaning. Necklace wearing parts of the neck, is very close to the heart of the place, and necklace pendants will have a lock action, necklace lock your heart, on behalf of the other side do not want you to be robbed by other people, would like to accompany you for life. So, between male and female friends wearing necklace pendant is very meaningful.
What is the difference between necklace and pendant? In the concept, the pendant is a prominent body that is worn on the neck, mostly made of metal, especially stainless steel and silver, also made of ore, crystal, jade and other systems, it usually does not exist alone, but with Rope or metal chain worn on the neck. While the necklace is made of gold and silver jewelry made of neck chain chain shape of the jewelry. In function, the pendant can be used with a variety of necklace pendant necklace, and the necklace can be a separate chain in the form of independent existence, do not have to match the pendant Oh In addition, ancient pendants are usually used to pray for peace, calm mind; and different levels of necklace can be used to highlight the status of a person’s status.
Speaking of the name of the four seasons bean pendants, we certainly the first reaction is that we eat a seasoned soybeans in life, because eating beans is beneficial to the heart, it contains a lot of vitamin k, osteoporosis patients to increase bone density, reduce fracture risks of. So what about the meaning of the four seasons bean pendant?
One, four beans in the Oriental culture called “Fu beans”, can be homophonic “longevity”, meaning happiness and well-being, longevity, is the younger generation of the wishes and prayer. “Beans” and “cardamom Love” clever fit, meaning Fenghua Zhengmao, vibrant, the community is the hope of young men and women, parents expect their children.

Two beans and four beans in the four seasons of peace; three beans for even in the ternary, blessing, Lu, Shou Qi to; two is the mother and son of peace, when many women during pregnancy to wear two beans Fuzuyu decorated with Mother and child safe, full of auspicious and blessing.

Three, four beans full, rounded on the one hand is happiness, full of blessings and fruit full of meaning, on the other hand, full means mature, harvest, academic success, hard harvest, means new hope and the beginning of new life.

Four or four beans for more than a child, in the traditional Chinese “more than a blessing, children and grandchildren,” the idea, meaning the family line, the continuation of incense, family prosperity, family happiness.

Wearing a four-year-old bean pendant on behalf of the meaning
What does it mean to wear a four-year-old bean pendant? Patience is a virtue, in the supermarket shopping, this lack of more obvious to show up. Now, the emerald four seasons bean pendant noble and elegant and very beautiful natural ornaments, contains the implication is generally divided into auspicious wishful, longevity, home and prosperity, peace and peace and career Tengda five categories, wishful lucky pendant as auspicious Ruyi Class representatives, with its deepest connotation of Bo, the longest history, the most widely used, very popular with the majority of jade enthusiasts welcome. With the introduction of Western culture and fashion elements, fashionable and generous of the four seasons beans, wishful, bamboo, gold inlay and other pendant varieties endless, to meet the young friends for the atmosphere of consumer demand, but also makes the growing consumption of jade jewelry , And thus also brought the surge in sales.
Four-year-old bean pendant for what people wear? Four Seasons Bean Pendant simple and smooth line design will be beautiful jade and fashion fusion, interpretation of the life of the tacit understanding of harmony, write eternal remember the beautiful life. Passionate emerald four seasons beans pendant, ice and shiny, it is refreshing, so the four seasons bean pendant suitable for men and women to wear.
Brave we all know that brave is no anus, only not into, brave is gold and silver treasures for food, belly is a rich capsule, is a kind of invocation of ferocious evil priest, loved by the majority of friends. What is the meaning of the brave brave?
Folk legend, the bra on behalf of the wealth, Lucky meaning, and the brave is on behalf of the treasury, the meaning of the money, there is money to keep the library to keep, so the collection of brave people most of each collection of a pair, that is, double brave , To be able to real Lucky treasure. In ancient times this rap is a corner and two corners, the corner known as the “Tianlu”, meaning Lucky into the treasure; the two corners known as “evil spirits”, you can protect its owner safe and healthy, in recent years, brave Modeling mainly to two corners.

Double brave meaning mother and child the same body, can protect the family prosperous, family harmony, while enhancing the family members of the centripetal force. Mother and child brave its shape for a large and a small two brave, big and mighty domineering, do volts to be ready; small cusp mouth waiting for the side, meaning the mother and son concentric.
Wearing double brave has the meaning of wealth. Brave wealthy ability and his own modeling characteristics have a very large relationship, brave eating gold and silver treasures, but can not excrete, embodies the brave contains the endless wealth, so businessmen should also be placed in the business of double brave in the Company or home.

There is the meaning of the town house evil spirits, brave shape faucet, tiger leopard body, lind legs, ribs wings, can be clouds, ordered the thunder, to prevent the demons and ghosts, plague disease disturb the heaven, so since ancient times on the spread of brave, The power of the house nursing home, at home, brave brave can help us to stabilize the house, so that our family safe.

Have to resolve the role of five yellow big evil. Used to the evil town house and Wang Cai, especially in the wealth, the brave is a more obvious role. Guxian that life is doomed, but the fortune can be changed, so the people have “a touch of brave fortune, and then touch the brave wealth rolling, three touching brave Pingqing Albatron” good wishes.
Brave is a single only good or double only good? Pi Xiu Decoration are generally placed in the home or the company, so Lucky show better results, but if the single piece is not good, but also placed a single brave of the ability to recruit than the double brave brains, because the Pi Xiu Decoration There are male and female points, the public brave Lucky, mother brave good fortune, so when asked to brave pieces are two together, there is a saying is a good thing in pairs.

What are the benefits of wearing an emerald pendant?

What are the benefits of wearing an emerald pendant?

What are the benefits of wearing an emerald pendant?
What are the benefits of wearing an emerald pendant what are the advantages of wearing an emerald pendant?

Jade as the king of jade, is a very high-end jewelry. The jade pendant as a college jewelry, its decorative role is Needless to say, then in addition to decoration, wear jade pendant what benefits? What are the benefits of wearing an emerald pendant? Here to give you what you can enjoy the benefits of wearing jade pendants, we can understand!
Wear the benefits of emerald pendants – enhance temperament
Beautiful and beautiful jade pendant, whether it is from the selection of raw materials, modeling design, mosaic process and the final shape, each step is to pay a great effort of the designer, and then over time to make it show in front of people. We can feel different from each person’s temperament, the appearance, highlighting their own sense of fashion and art, walking in the crowd, there is always a dazzling brilliance; intrinsic, 尽显 elegant and distinguished, to enhance the overall temperament face.

Wear the benefits of emerald pendants – to promote the coordination of functioning of physiological functions
From the medical point of view, the human body all parts contain a lot of points, wearing jade pendants, you can make contact with the location of the emerald pendant by the long-term benign massage jade can promote blood circulation, jade also contains zinc, magnesium, Copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt and other trace elements beneficial to the human body, if long-term wear jade pendants, can play to promote human skin absorption of the human Replica Cartier jewelry body must be the role of trace elements, better coordination of the functioning of the physiological function.

Wearing the benefits of jade pendants – rush to Kyrgyzstan, died into the Cheung.
Jade Goddess of Mercy is the most classic emerald pendant, the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva is known for its compassion and suffering, and she is compassionate and compassionate. Everyone who suffers from suffering can earnestly recite the sound of the sanctuary, The In addition, Guanyin Bodhisattva, no desire, inner harmony. Wearing emerald Guanyin, eliminate distractions, to resolve the violent of the gas, people peace of mind.

Wear the benefits of emerald pendants – good wishes, good luck
Bodhisattva Bodhisattva to observe the human suffering, compassion for the pregnant, Pudu world suffering people, people away from the non-pain, blessing things smoothly wish; at the same time Guanyin homophonic official seal. In ancient times, the man went to Beijing to test, wear jade goddess of Mercy for official transport, seeking official into the Jazz.

The benefits of wearing a jade pendant – send a child to send blessing, descendants stretches.
Folk has “send Goddess of Mercy” one said. Newly married couples or couples who have not yet born for a long time to go to the temple to kneel the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva, sincerely pray to appeal, you can achieve your wish. Or wear emerald Guanyin, the same can achieve the effect of seeking son.
Wear emerald Guanyin what pay attention to wear emerald Guanyin pendant pay attention to inventory

Goddess of Mercy is a synonym for truth and goodness, Jade Goddess of Mercy is one of the classic shape of jade, jade and the perfect combination of faith. Then wear a jade Guanyin what pay attention to it? Here to introduce about wearing jade Guanyin pendant, we can understand!
Wearing Jade Goddess of Mercy Have something to pay attention – women are best not to wear
“God wearing a Buddism godness Guanyin female Buddha”, which is the traditional Chinese jade wear culture is very famous words, before we introduced the origin and reason of this argument can be passed to the present must have its truth, so the best of the Jade Goddess of Mercy Is male wear, women do not wear

What is the stress of wearing emerald Guanyin – it is important to wear the first time
The first time to wear open jade Goddess of Mercy is the best time between 7 am to 9 o’clock, this time commonly known as the “dragon rise”, this time is the day of the heaviest yang, Reiki best time period.

Wearing a jade Guanyin what pay attention – the wearer to have compassion
Guanyin Bodhisattva is the embodiment of compassion, people who wear Guanyin naturally have a soft heart, for all people and things have a great heart of compassion.

Wearing Jade Goddess of Mercy What to pay attention – do not wear some specific time
Do not wear jade when drinking bathing sound, because at this time easy to wear slip loss, on the other hand, the bath water easily lead to jade artifacts magnetization, and then make its spiritual decline.

Wearing Jade Goddess of Mercy What to pay attention – to prohibit outsiders touch
From the front of the content we know that jade jewelry is very spiritual and very loyal, so we must not let outsiders touch. In addition to family members, do not let outsiders touch touch.

Wearing Jade Goddess of Mercy What to pay attention – to avoid bumps
Jade is a collection of minerals, with Tsui, hardness is not great, usually worn and removed, to be extra careful, gently, to avoid breaking and knock broken.
Dolphins are a class of intellectually developed, very intelligent animals, they are neither as timid animals in the forest to see people to flee, nor as the beasts of the deep forest in the case of people on the claws … dolphins always show very Docile is close to the people ~ Dolphin is a lucky thing, the legend of wearing a dolphin pendant boy will get a permanent love, the girl to send the boy dolphin pendant, the boy will be a lifetime to get his love, then, dolphins pendant What is the meaning?
What is the dolphin pendant?

Dolphins symbol of the patron saint of love, there is a very beautiful legend: in a long time ago, the son of the gods in violation of the spirit world taboo, and mortal girl fell in love, not seen in the spirit world and mortal world, the two traveled the ends of the earth Can not find shelter. Only to live in the deepest of the forest queen queen sympathetic to their situation, give the pair of lovers a pair of spiritual bronze ring, which protect the copper ring they safely, but the god of jealousy found the secret of the bronze ring, a take away , Thrown into the sea, the loss of copper lovers asylum, and therefore was scattered by the waves, even so they are still wholeheartedly search each other’s shadow, to the last moment.

Dawn is approaching, seeing the two will be turned into a bubble, this love touched the good dolphins, in the morning will be the moment, the title of the copper ring out of the sea, so that the couple re-possession of the Queen’s blessing, Shou, in the first dawn light in the white beach of the moment, the whole beach into a happy pink sand, and dolphins have since become the patron saint of love. Legend, as long as you sincerely pray to the dolphins, look forward to love will come true, the dolphin copper ring can guard a pair of lovers, until the life of the world.
Wearing a dolphin pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, dolphins on behalf of the meaning of love, dolphins are the patron saint of love, dolphin pendants on behalf of love each other.

2, Greek mythology, the dolphins are not willing to be bound by the incarnation of human beings, they jump into the sea, into a dolphin, so the dolphins are wisdom, friendship, pure love symbol.

3, good dolphins will save people who fall into the water, but also brave and fight the sharks, dolphins in the vast sea is very cute animals. The dolphins were saved in ancient Greece because they had been saved. Dolphins are free. And dolphins are often known as the guardian of the wizard of love, and very gentle, or in a variety of tourism is indispensable, so known as the embodiment of good,

Pendant maintenance method

1. Avoid contact with chemical products: pt950 diamond pendant is the most taboo chemical supplies. Especially oxygen-containing bleach, it will corrode platinum, causing platinum to discolor or fade. In the wear time, to avoid direct contact with perfume, detergent, etc., do not wear the time, will have to be stored separately, so as to avoid friction between the diamond and wear.

2. Cleaning: Before wearing the pt950 diamond pendant carefully check, such as chain buckle, mosaic, etc., to prevent the pendant off. Every two weeks, the best diamond pendant in alcohol for half an hour or so, take out rinse with water, so that the surface of the jewelry can clean the dirt.

3. Strenuous exercise: If it is strenuous exercise, such as running, fitness, bathing, etc., it is best to take off the diamond pendant, because the intense movement is easy to cause damage to the diamond pendant, deformation, and movement of sweat will be corroded To a diamond pendant.